Victoria Padilla

Victoria provides executive level support and help with everything that’s needed to ensure the smooth day-to-day operation of our organization, including general administrative support and record keeping. Victoria holds a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelors in Health Science from Chico State.

Outside of the office, Victoria enjoys reading historical biographies and learning about the microbiome. A few of her favorite outdoor activities include kayaking and rowing.

      Paul Carroll

      As Director for Institutional Funding, Paul identifies and establishes new funding opportunities and maintains relationships with Wiki Education’s existing institutional supporters. He collaborates closely with the Executive Director, as well as program staff, to ensure that current and future programs are sufficiently resourced and poised for growth.

      Paul has a long track record as a policy wonk and philanthropic professional by day, and is a proud dad to two wonderful kids, lucky husband to a great wife, avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, and all-around concerned citizen. Paul has been to North Korea twice, earned a pilot’s license in high school, and completed two cross country bike trips.

      Image by Tom Caltabiano, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

          Wes Reid

          As a Software Developer at Wiki Education, Wes supports the main Dashboard and related technology.

          Passionate about education, equitable access, and technology, Wes has held a number of roles before joining Wiki Education. Most recently he worked at Galvanize as an instructor where he trained adults to enter the workforce as software developers.

          Wes spends his free time watching movies, getting out to hike, and playing a lot of tabletop games.

              Elysia Webb

              Elysia has a Wildlife Conservation and Biology degree from Ohio University and a master’s degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida. She lives in Ohio with her husband and cat. She has a special interest in bats, and has contributed widely in articles about bats on Wikipedia.

                  Cassidy Villeneuve

                  Cassidy works with program participants and staff to tell the stories of Wiki Education’s impact. She also responds to programmatic needs for resources or support as they arise.

                  Outside of work, Cassidy enjoys making ceramic shells, exploring her neighborhood on foot, and swimming in the ocean (although she doesn’t brave the cold San Francisco waters too often!).

                      Özge Gündoğdu

                      As HR Manager and Executive Assistant, Özge provides general administrative support to staff, as well as to the board.

                      Before joining Wiki Education, Özge worked for Kimpton Hotels in San Francisco for 9 years where she worked as conference services manager. She organized conferences and events. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. She moved to the United States in 2005 and received a Certificate in Business Administration from UC Berkeley in 2007.

                      Outside of work, Özge enjoys spending time with her husband and young son – she calls him a little fire ball. She also enjoys outdoors, cooking, traveling, and all the beauty that San Francisco and Northern California offers.

                          TJ Bliss

                          As Chief Advancement Officer, TJ is responsible for overseeing our development strategy, developing relationships with key decision makers in the philanthropy community, and working with Wiki Education’s board on organizational strategy. Prior to joining Wiki Education, TJ has been a leader in the open educational resources and open educational practice movement, most recently as a program officer for the Hewlett Foundation. TJ has a Ph.D. in Education, a Master’s Degree in Biology, and Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular and Microbiology.

                          Outside of work, TJ enjoys spending time with his five little kids, playing tennis, jamming on the cello and piano, and riding his bike up mountain grades. TJ also enjoys cooking, watching BBC dramas, and researching his family history (sometimes simultaneously).

                              Shalor Toncray

                              Shalor has been editing Wikipedia since 2006, and an administrator since 2013. Her engagement on Wikipedia led her to an interest in digital archiving, a position with the Library of Virginia, and to Drexel University, where she recently completed a Master of Library and Information Science. Her library work and extensive experience on Wikipedia make her an excellent fit for supporting new student editors in our Student Program as a Content Expert.

                              In her free time, Shalor likes to read, watch movies, play video games (especially tactical RPGs), and, of course, edit Wikipedia.

                                  Mahala Stewart

                                  As Research Assistant, Mahala is working to analyze data collected about student learning outcomes of Wikipedia-based assignments.

                                  Mahala earned a masters in sociology, and graduate certificate in advanced feminist studies at the University of Massachusetts, where she is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology. Her dissertation research examines mothers’ experiences of making decisions around schooling for their children. She has assisted and taught a range of courses while at UMass, and is currently collaborating on a reader for teaching gender and sexuality in the 21st century classroom, Gendered Lives, Sexual Beings: A Feminist Anthology (2017).

                                  In her free time, Mahala enjoys hiking and listening to live music in western Massachusetts.