Seattle was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh between 2015-2017, focused on topics related to the history of Pittsburgh. Seattle added dozens of images from the University of Pittsburgh’s collections to Wikimedia Commons, including a set of photos of Pittsburgh mayors. He also created or improved more than 75 articles.

Highlights: Robert Schmertz, Mark Baldwin, The Ohio History: Its Inner History.


      M2545 was a Visiting Scholar at Rollins College in 2016-17, focusing on urbanization in Florida and the southern United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and on Cuba-Florida connections. In her time as Visiting Scholar, she created or improved dozens of timeline articles about cities in Cuba and the southern United States, created 116 articles, and improved about 100 others in the focus topic areas. She also uploaded almost 600 relevant images to Wikimedia Commons.

      Highlights: Timeline of Havana, list of Cuban-American writers, timeline of Macon, Georgia, list of newspapers in Texas.

      Read M2545’s reflections about her VS experience here.


          Dnllnd was a Visiting Scholar at McMaster University during 2015-16, improving articles about overlooked or underrepresented people and events. In her time as a Visiting Scholar, Dnllnd created or improved more than 40 articles on a number of subjects.

          Highlights: Lady Constance MallesonLouise Bennett-CoverleyBasil H. Johnston, Marian Engel, Canadian Indian residential school system.

          Read Dnllnd’s reflections about her VS experience here.


              Briancua (talk · contribs) was a Visiting Scholar at DePaul University for 2015-16, improving articles about Chicago history, Catholic social justice studies, and Vincentian Studies.

              Highlights: Helen Prejean


                  Lingzhi was a Visiting Scholar at the University of San Francisco from 2016-17, focusing on topics related to rhetoric and language. He is a veteran editor with considerable experience improving articles of varying topics at the highest levels of quality.

                  Highlights: Critical period hypothesis