Releasing our grant proposal to the Stanton Foundation

Grant Proposal PDF
The grant proposal is available as a PDF on Wikimedia Commons.

The Wiki Education Foundation traces its origins to a pilot program funded by the Stanton Foundation in 2010; at that time, we were the first Wikimedia entity to publish a grant proposal publicly for anyone to review.

Four years later, we still believe this level of transparency is good for our organization. We’ve received permission from the Stanton Foundation to publish the proposal we sent to them. You can now find a PDF of the proposal on Wikimedia Commons. We are extremely grateful to the Stanton Foundation for their support of our programmatic activities, our organization, and our desire to be transparent whenever possible.

We hope our community of Wikipedia editors, instructors, students, and others will learn more about our organization and our programmatic goals from the document, and we also hope that reading an example of a successful grant proposal will be useful to other Wikimedia organizations who are crafting similar documents.

Frank Schulenburg
Executive Director


One thought on “Releasing our grant proposal to the Stanton Foundation

  1. Frank, I am pleased to see this, and also, thank you for reminding your readers of the history of transparency in the Wikimedia Education Program! I look forward to learning more about your vision from this important document.

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