Roundup: Articles on Asia

From Benjamin Mako Hill’s Interpersonal media course at the University of Washington, two new articles about Asia stand out as great examples of student work.

Hang-Ryul Park is a famous South Korean artist and poet who has exhibited his work internationally. Though he’s had more than 30 solo shows and been included in 100 group shows internationally, he didn’t have a Wikipedia article until User:Yeji0210 took it on for a class assignment.

Russell Street, Hong Kong, is famous across Asia and the world for having the most expensive shop space in the world ($2,800 per square foot). For the class, User:Ingrid chanhy added information on the name, location, and history of the street. The article also makes great use of Commons images.

Thanks to these students for making meaningful contributions to Wikipedia’s coverage of Asia.

 Photo:Russell Street” by Terence OngOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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