Wiki Education to engage at Wikimania 2017

Wiki Education staff and Board Chair PJ Tabit are traveling to Montreal, Canada, this week to attend Wikimania, the annual gathering of editors of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Wikimania is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with our colleagues who work with Wikimedia projects globally — and, since Wikimania is in Montreal this year, a good opportunity for us to connect with potential Canadian program participants! Wiki Education is active in both the pre conference as well as the main program.

  • Product Manager Sage Ross and Google Summer of Code intern Sejal Khatri will be at the Hackathon, improving the codebase that powers Wiki Education Dashboard as well as Program & Events Dashboard (an instance of Wiki Education’s Dashboard software for global program leaders to use). It’s one of the Featured Projects at the Hackathon, and we’ll be ready to help new contributors get started.
  • Director of Programs LiAnna Davis will be co-presenting with the Wikimedia Foundation’s Maria Cruz at Learning Days, talking about building our learning network.
  • Educational Partnerships Manager Jami Mathewson and Outreach Manager Samantha Weald will be hosting a workshop for Canadian university instructors interested in learning how to teach with Wikipedia.
  • LiAnna will also be presenting a session during the main conference on the Wikipedia Year of Science 2016 and our learnings from the initiative.
  • Former Research Fellow Zach McDowell will present the results from his student learning outcomes research project.
  • Community Engagement Manager Ryan McGrady will be lead a roundtable about the Visiting Scholars program, featuring some of the Wikipedians we have placed in Visiting Scholars roles.

We look forward to collaborating with other Wikimedia editors and program leaders at Wikimania, sharing our learnings, and learning from other attendees.

Photo: Wikimania 2014 MP 040 – Wikipedia Education Cooperative Panel by User:Mike Peel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.


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