Wiki Education partners with American Anthropological Association

Wiki Education has launched another educational partnership—with the American Anthropological Association (AAA). AAA will encourage its members to participate in Wiki Education’s Classroom Program, where students write Wikipedia articles as a classroom assignment. Wikipedia is the public’s first stop for information about anthropology, and it’s an important part of their mission to ensure accuracy in the content people find when they search online for information about anthropology topics. Students will add anthropological perspectives to existing articles, contributing to a more complete representation of academic topics.

As part of this new partnership, Wiki Education is attending this week’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. to encourage attendees to join our programs. We will help instructors design a meaningful assignment for students, give them access to the Wiki Education Dashboard, provide support materials about how to contribute to Wikipedia, and otherwise help students as they improve Wikipedia’s coverage of anthropology.

If you’re attending the AAA meeting, please join me and Communications Associate Cassidy Villeneuve in the exhibit hall to learn how to join Wiki Education’s Classroom Program. For more information about how to work together to improve Wikipedia, email


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