Now hiring: Wikipedia Content Expert

As our Classroom Program and our emerging professional development program both continue to grow, we’re looking for an additional, part-time staff member to support our new and returning participants as they make meaningful contributions to Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia Content Expert will spend time monitoring and tracking contributions by Wiki Education program participants, answering questions, and providing feedback. And they will work closely with existing Wikipedia Content Experts, Ian Ramjohn and Shalor Toncray, to support students and faculty in all of our programs.

Candidates for this Wikipedia Content Expert position should have a thorough understanding of Wikipedia’s rules and policies, and be able to explain these in simple, concise ways to new editors.

We’re looking for a mission-driven individual with an understanding of, belief in, and commitment to the benefits of freely available information. This is a part-time, U.S. based, remote or San Francisco based position.

If you’re interested in the Wikipedia Content Expert position or know someone who is, please see our careers page to apply.


2 thoughts on “Now hiring: Wikipedia Content Expert

  1. Hello,
    I am very interested in applying for this job position as listed here on this webpage. I was wondering how I would go about sending a copy of my resume to whomever the hiring agent or decision maker would be. I did not see a link or a set of directions on how to apply for this position on this page. Could you please send me instructions on how to apply for this position.
    Thank you,
    Adam Rodriguez

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