New resource helps art history students improve Wikipedia

We’ve developed a new resource for students learning how to edit Wikipedia articles about art history. Thanks to input from art history professors and experienced Wikipedia editors with a specialty in art history, this guide covers what newcomers should know when creating or expanding these articles.

What are topics within art history that could be better represented on Wikipedia? What kinds of art history sources are considered reliable on Wikipedia? What information should a typical article about art history include? How does one upload images of artwork to an article without violating copyright laws?

Answers to all this and more in our art history brochure! Also take a look at other subject-specific handouts we’ve developed, including ones relevant to cultural anthropology, history, women’s studies, writing biographies, and more!

Download brochure PDFs for free here or reach out to if you’d like physical copies sent to your course. Use brochures in conjunction with our free assignment templates, Dashboard tool, and staff support to best prepare students to be successful on Wikipedia. Visit to get started!


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