Last week to sign up for September Wikidata courses!

It’s the last week to sign up for our September Wikidata how-to courses! Virtual sessions meet once a week for an hour and dive into how to use, as well as contribute to, the global data repository that is Wikidata. Over six weeks, course participants learn how open data practices best align with their professional and organizational goals. We have beginning and intermediate courses both starting the third week of September. Register below by September 9th!

Enroll with a colleague and get $200 off the $800 course price.

Join the Open Data Movement

An online course for beginners to linked data, or for those looking for a curriculum that covers data ethics, the advantages of linked data, and an overview of Wikidata policies.

  • Register here for: Tuesdays 10-11am PST, September 17 – October 22, 2019

Elevate your Collections

An online course for anyone already familiar with linked data or Wikidata, or those looking for a project-based course that explores specific Wikidata tools and approaches.

  • Register here for: Wednesdays 11am-12pm PST, September 18 – October 23, 2019

These courses are relevant for…

People working with data and collections across industries are turning to Wikidata to accomplish their organizational missions. Organizational use cases of Wikidata are varied, but a common thread is the fact that Wikidata is one of the most direct ways to get accurate information to people who are looking for it. It’s machine readable, which means that digital assistants, AI, bots, and scripts all pull from Wikidata to answer users’ questions.

“Adding and editing content in Wikidata can raise the prominence of factual knowledge and improve the visibility of marginalized groups and knowledge.”

Library organizations have taken note. The ARL, IFLA, and the PCC have all identified Wikidata as being of strategic importance to librarians and the future of library collections.

Museums are excited about Wikidata too. The Met, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and MOMA have embarked upon Wikidata projects that have generated excitement.

Consider how opening your data through Wikidata will elevate access to your collections. Whether it’s gallery data, archival data, civic data or another collection, revamping your institution’s metadata practices through the use of Wikidata will help support the open data movement. We’ll help you or your staff identify what projects are best suited to your goals.

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