Calling all librarians, archivists, and museum specialists

It’s the last week to take advantage of the early bird pricing for our open linked data courses!

Whether you’re a librarian, an archivist, museum stuff, civic data specialist, or just a curious practitioner – we can help you meet your linked data goals and think up new projects aligned with your interests.

Our beginner and intermediate linked open data courses start at the end of October and run for six weeks. Registrants meet online with our course instructors and each other once a week for an hour. In those live sessions, we go over learnings, staff answer questions, and participants begin to design projects to take with them into their own institutions. Sign up before October 1st for a discounted rate of $700. Or register with a colleague (or group) for $600 each. See below for more information about which course could be a good fit.

Beginner course

Are you new to linked data? In our beginner’s course, we introduce participants to Wikimedia’s open linked data repository, Wikidata, and how to contribute to it and apply it in their work. Amandine Cabrio, a Wikimedia contributor, took it this summer:


“The live sessions were very clear and helped me a lot, mostly with understanding queries and how to best collaborate with the Wikidata community. Our instructor provided a lot of useful links and tools to best use Wikidata. And training modules were very clear. The step by step explanations encouraged me to experiment with linked data in ways I wouldn’t have attempted on my own. I learned a lot.”


Register for “Join the open data movement” here!


Intermediate course

Are you familiar with linked data or with Wikidata? In our intermediate course, we help you experiment with queries, utilize new data visualization tools, and identify projects for the future. When Michael Bolam, Metadata and Discovery Unit Head at the University of Pittsburgh, completed this course, he shared:


“The instructor understood our needs and concerns as it related to the shared/open data model of Wikidata. When we took trainings on our own, they were concise, linked out relevant examples, and were written in a manner that most novices should be able to understand (without being condescending). I appreciated that I had access to all of the material in one place from day one, in addition to live staff support.”


Register for “Elevate your collections” here!


Build linked data capacity for your institution, no matter your level

Take either course with a colleague, build linked data capacity for your institution, and use your real-life projects and goals to guide your work. Mary Seem, an Assistant Acquisitions and Cataloging Librarian at the Frick Collection, came to class with a project already in mind:

“It was very helpful to use our own data/interests to guide our work. Having a coworker in the course and collaborating on a data set together was really effective. I would suggest that those doing the course do it with colleagues so that you have someone to work with and can do institutionally-supported work.”

Plus, registering with a colleague means a $200 discount each!

For more information about our linked data course offerings, visit

Interested in enrolling 10 or more participants from the same institution in an online course OR bringing one of our Wikidata specialists to your campus for an in-person workshop? Email for course buy-out and other customized options.


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