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It’s the last week to sign up for our upcoming linked data online courses! Dive into the world of Wikidata (the centralized, linked data repository for all Wikimedia projects) to better serve your community of users and your institution’s longevity.

“Contributing to Wikidata has a ripple effect. It’s a great way for institutions to contribute our resources to a wide variety of communities and meet users where they already are. It also presents opportunities to facilitate a community’s involvement in, design of, and creation of information.” – past course participant


Why Wikidata?

  • Digital assistants Alexa and Siri rely on Wikidata to answer user questions. Read more…
  • The ARL, IFLA, and the PCC have all pledged their support of improving. Find out why…
  • Here’s what a typical course looks like. Read more…

Beginning and intermediate courses

If you’re new to linked data practices and want to understand how you can best incorporate them into your work, check out our online course for beginners. If you’re already familiar with linked data (or Wikidata) and want a project-based course that explores more specific querying/visualization tools and approaches, take our intermediate online course.

In each of these six week courses, participants meet online once a week for an hour to learn how to use and contribute to Wikidata. Both courses begin the week of October 21st and run through the week of December 2nd (with no session the week of November 11th). Registration closes October 14th!



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