Improve Wikipedia’s 2020 election-related articles

The November election is coming up in just over three months, and while the presidential race will dominate headlines, there are a lot of statewide and regional district races and ballot measures that will also appear on ballots.

Informing citizens on the issues and candidates on their ballots in a neutral, fact-based way is critical to a functioning democracy. One such neutral source? Wikipedia, which receives 3 billion page views each month from the United States alone.

Wikipedia needs subject matter experts to ensure the public has access to high-quality information. But Wikipedia’s technical, procedural, and cultural barriers to entry keep most scholars out.

Enter Wiki Education’s virtual courses.

Participants will collaborate for 6 weeks to add neutral, fact-based content to articles related to local ballot initiatives, races, and issues. The course, which will run between August 21 and September 25, involves a one-hour Zoom meeting each Friday, plus an additional three hours of independent work.

Will you add your subject matter expertise to make it better ahead of the November election? In doing so, you’ll simultaneously learn to write for Wikipedia while giving back to a resource you use daily.

Participants will receive a shareable, electronic certificate-of-completion issued by Wiki Education upon course completion. Tuition is $800, with an early bird discount that brings the total to $600 if you enroll by July 31. We encourage you to seek professional development funds to cover the cost of tuition. We’re happy to work with you to provide your department or organization more information about the course.

Many past course participants have tried to edit Wikipedia on their own or at an edit-a-thon; Wikipedia’s large cultural and technical barriers kept them from successfully contributing content. In our structured, 6-week courses, we’re able to help participants overcome those barriers to successfully edit Wikipedia.

Learn more about the course and enroll today.

Header/thumbnail image by magerleagues, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


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