Monthly​ ​Report,​ April 2020

Highlights Amid the challenges facing higher education institutions in April, the Wikipedia Student Program reached an important milestone. For the first time, Wiki Education supported more than 400 courses. This number is a testament to our ongoing commitment to our instructors and our students as well as our commitment to Wikipedia and knowledge equity. We … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ February 2020

Highlights We had our All Staff Meeting, a week-long opportunity for remote staff to join the San Francisco-based team members for a week of meetings, collaboration, and socializing. In February Paul Carroll began as Director, Institutional Funding. Having spent his professional career at the nexus of philanthropy, government, and nonprofits, Paul is a great fit … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ January 2020

Highlights This month, we worked with our partners at the Society of Family Planning (SFP) to launch the second iteration of SFP Wiki Scholars courses. SFP is sponsoring additional courses to train their members—primarily medical practitioners—how to add scientific information to family planning articles. This month the English Wikipedia celebrated a major milestone: 6 million … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ November 2019

Highlights Many Wiki Education staff members attended WikiConference North America in Boston. Wikidata Program Manager Will Kent, Scholars & Scientists Program Manager Ryan McGrady, Wikipedia Student Program Manager Helaine Blumenthal, Senior Wikipedia Expert Ian Ramjohn, Director of Partnerships Jami Mathewson and Chief Technology Officer Sage Ross presented at the conference alongside many Wiki Education program … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ October 2019

Highlights This month we launched two new Wikidata courses and we’re extremely pleased to be working with 28 new participants. They represent a host of schools, museums, and organizations such as Carnegie Hall, the Smithsonian Libraries, the Barack Obama Foundation, The Texas Archive of the Moving Image, the Detroit Institute of Art, the National Museum … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ September 2019

Highlights This month we launched two new courses with two new partners! First, a 12-week course with the National Science Policy Network as part of its 2020 Election Initiative. Wiki Scientists are learning to contribute to Wikipedia in order to improve articles on scientific subjects relevant to the 2020 election. The neutral, well-sourced, fact-based material … Continued

Monthly​ ​Report,​ August 2019

Highlights Our longest-running Scholars & Scientists partnership has been with the National Archives and Records Administration. We just wrapped up the last two of the six  Scholars & Scientists courses we offered with NARA’s partnership.  We created seven training modules that explore different aspects of Wikidata, including Evaluating Data on Wikidata, Adding to Wikidata, and … Continued