“Writing for Wikipedia has engaged my students like nothing else.
They are some of the most pedagogically powerful assignments
I’ve incorporated into my classes.”

— Adeline Koh, instructor, Stockton University

Teaching science with Wikipedia transforms a classroom’s boundaries. Instead of writing a paper that gets thrown away at the end of the term, university students research and write Wikipedia articles on course topics.

Students are inspired to create the best work they can, because they know they’re sharing it with the world.

The Wiki Education Foundation (Wiki Ed) is a nonprofit organization that helps fill content gaps — like those in the sciences — on Wikipedia, while providing students a truly unique learning experience.

We’re calling 2016 the Wikipedia Year of Science. We’ve partnered with Google and the Simons Foundation to connect our free, open source resources to science instructors across the United States and Canada.

We provide:

  • Tools to help you design a clear, effective plan for working with Wikipedia in your course, and track your student’s contributions to Wikipedia.
  • Online trainings for you and your students.
  • Free printed materials for every student, offering detailed assistance on writing Wikipedia articles.

We’re currently accepting courses for fall 2016. Get in touch below!

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Photo: “StFX Physical Sciences Lab” by StFX – StFX. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons.