“Wikidata is a linked data platform that carries the potential metadata professionals long for: structure, openness, and interoperability.”*


Are you new to linked data?

Our beginner course will…

  • Teach you how to contribute items, properties, references, qualifiers, and ranks to Wikidata
  • Ground you in data ethics, advantages of linked data, and Wikidata policies
  • Give you a firm grasp on how Wikidata’s community operates
  • Provide training modules on Wikidata’s best practices, interface, and applications
  • Teach you about data visualization from Wikidata to better illustrate contributions
  • Have you use Wikidata’s query system to answer questions
  • Introduce you to a series of resources to help identify projects for the future

If you’re already familiar with linked data practices and want a project-based course that explores more specific Wikidata tools and approaches, take our intermediate course. OR are you interested in an in-person workshop? Read more…


Course details

Participants meet virtually to learn how to use, as well as contribute to, Wikidata. Our upcoming six week class meets for an hour every week.

The cost of this course covers collaborative group sessions with peers, access to hands-on support from Wikidata experts, and technical training so you can successfully contribute to Wikidata. We encourage you to seek professional development funds to cover the cost of your tuition. We’re happy to work with you to provide your department or organization more information about the course. Download our course syllabus for employer documentation.


Syllabus for librarians  Syllabus for civic data  Syllabus for museums


Participants will receive a shareable, electronic certificate-of-completion issued by Wiki Education upon course completion.

Participant expectations

  • No experience with linked data or Wikidata is required or expected.
  • Participants commit 3 hours/week, including a group meeting and independent work.
  • Participants will make significant contributions to Wikidata items and build projects for their institution with local data.
  • Participants must have access to the internet and a computer.
  • Participants will fill out short surveys at the beginning and end of the course and select participants will get the opportunity to be featured on Wiki Education’s blog.








“We went into the course expecting to receive an introduction to editing (and maybe querying) but came out of it with a new understanding of how to interpret, share, and grow Carnegie Hall’s archival collection and performance data.” – Digital Collections Associate Lisa Barrier and Digital Collections Manager Kathryn Gronsbell, Carnegie Hall. Read more…



“The live sessions were very clear and helped me a lot, mostly with understanding queries and how to best collaborate with the Wikidata community. Our instructor provided a lot of useful links and tools to best use Wikidata. And training modules were very clear. The step by step explanations encouraged me to experiment with linked data in ways I wouldn’t have attempted on my own. I learned a lot.” – Amandine Cabrio, Wikimedia contributor



Assistant Director of Library Services Rivka Genesen took our introductory course to be able to explain linked data to her students. “As I learned more about Wikidata, it struck me how deeply problematic it is to skip over linked data in the classroom and out.” Read more…



“The course was fantastic. The other participants in the live session were a great resource. Their questions made me think about things I hadn’t considered and it was inspiring to see how they branched out to other aspects of the Wikidata world according to their interests. It was a good vision of the breadth and the scope of possibility of Wikidata.” – Past course participant, Reference Librarian


Contact us

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