Five ways the NWSA-Wiki Ed partnership has made an impact

Wiki Ed staff presented at the Wiki Diversity conference this summer, an event hosted by Wikimedia DC at the National Archives. Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight, co-founder of WikiProject Women in Red, and a driving force for writing women into Wikipedia, spoke as a keynote. The conference aimed to focus on “diversity issues throughout the Wikimedia movement.” Wiki Ed and Patti Provance … Continued

Education and Wikipedia: A chemical reaction

In mid-August, I joined 17,000 chemists in Boston for the fall meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Among sessions ranging from phytochemistry to nanomaterials, the ACS chemical information division hosted a symposium on Wikipedia, collaboration, and education. That symposium attracted speakers from the Wikipedia community, academia, and government. Dr. Ye Li is the chemistry … Continued

The Roundup: History of Western Canada

At Wiki Ed, we always suggest students help fill gaps in Wikipedia’s coverage. But finding these gaps can be tricky. Christopher Dummitt’s students at Trent University dramatically improved several articles on the history of Western Canada. They added content, but also integrated and improved articles that were already there. Working in groups, the class tackled … Continued