Wiki Education connects higher education to Wikipedia, ensuring that the world’s most read source of information is more representative, accurate, and complete.


Our programs make it possible for students and scholars to successfully contribute to open knowledge that reaches millions of people.


Our Wikipedia Student Program supports university instructors who incorporate Wikipedia assignments into their courses. Students develop writing, research, critical thinking, and media literacy skills. Along the way, they expand access to free knowledge through Wikipedia.

Our professional development courses give scholars, scientists, and other professionals a technical, procedural, and cultural understanding of Wikipedia and Wikidata and equip them with the know-how needed to bring their knowledge to the world’s most popular reference work.

Our Visiting Scholars Program connects university departments with Wikipedia editors, who then create high-quality Wikipedia articles on topics of interest to both parties.

Our Educational Partnerships support academic associations as they expand and improve Wikipedia’s coverage of their field.





Wiki Education is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Our supporters help us achieve measurable impacts on learning. Learn more.

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